Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blog #10 Dot.com Bomb

During this lecture we learned how companies prosper, but die quickly if they cannot adapt to a market earthquake. Many companies thrived during the dotcom boom, but they were not able to sustain their success due to over investing, borrowing, and pushing relying purely on their trust in the market boom rather than having lasting substance. This was the time many pyramid schemes also thrived because they grew out of a market fluctuations rather than providing product. After the bust in 2000, these schemes took a giant hit, and so did many companies that exploited the market.

Through exploitation of the market, everything backfired on these companies, and many many people lost money, businesses and investor. One of the issues with the companies what that they could not be profitable, and just existed as a vacuum. I think excitement played a role in this. Everyone invested everyone was ready to throw all their chips in for a supposed gold mine of a profit. The only problem was that the boom had ended, and what was left over was a false exaggerated market that would eventually fall. The crash really was meant to happen because of this as companies thought they were doing well, but they were just pushing hivemind of companies that were doing the samething in hope for a quick profit with little to no backup, product, or sustainability.

I loved how the market recovered through it seemed reasonable that simple services and the freeweb would create market interest again. From youtube, google, facebook, amazon, provide services that people would use and create new markets. They survived and thrived because they were sustainable and useful, rather than just being a part of that vacuum we talked about. During the lecture I was also thinking about ethics, and how it all went down the drain for profit, I imagined how crazy excited where going over the profits, and opportunities.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blog#9 Shadrach White Visit

After the lecture I look him up on linkedin. It was a great presentation, and I enjoyed find how he proceeded to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle through his whole life, even after having difficulties like debt along the way. This was inspiring because often money means so much, but really if we work hard we can get out of any rut, and can be successful if we learn from experience. I found the way he made connections with angles to be interesting as well, he kept honest face, and worked hard.

The loyalty and respect to angle investors was a great thing I learned, White explained how much it means to have someone experienced for advising.

White now runs cloudpower and is extremely experienced with managing IT companies, and also Airlift a company that deals in physical parts. This shows how you can run a company, even if you're not exactly an engineering, this is inspiring to know how important implementation is. I would definitely want someone like him to advise me if I ran a business. Overall I found the lecture to be extremely interesting form both an educational standpoint and a eye-opening one because of how much he has done in business and entrepreneurship from small to large companies. He currently runs business to provide cloud based solutions.

Blog #8 Mission and Vision statement

So With VR and human computer interaction taking off we created headset, but for artistic productivity. The headset, reorganizes color, creates visual models, and uses algorithms to modify structure, contrast, and symmetry in a physical space. All these tools help the artist, visualize, create, and explore art in new ways.

The first model is called DaVinci Eye

As models continue on the goal will be to compete and keep the company running with top of the line en. Having company loyalty will be important because many will challenge us when we are successful in this field. Having a strong foundation in this company will be so important, and the vision will be to create this innovative device while dominating the market.

Based in the USA, but hardware would be sourced worldwide. Simple HDMI inputs help for access to projectors and provide a wide range of software flexibility and features.The goal is to sustain the employees rather than have them leave. Because the product requires software, loyalty would be a priority due to the buggy and dependent nature of software work. The company’s goal is to give artists new tools and an edge in their creative endeavors.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blog#6 John Dimmer Visit

I learned a lot from John Dimmer who brought to class advice and how we should go about protecting our ip, trusting people, and building relationships in order to secure investors. Because of his experience he was able to teach a a ton about securing profit and investment through angel investors.

We learned how important and powerful Angel investors can be. John Dimmer talked about the Tacoma Angel network, which allows for the push of a successful business needs. Often an Angel investor ca act a guidance for a business because of their experience. This can truly make a business, because the Angel investor wants you to succeed in your business endeavors, and want to make money, rather than lose it.

I didn't know Angel investors existed, and I thought shark tank was a rare thing and you would have to struggle to even be granted an interview with an investor. This opened me up a new world of potential I never knew. Often not knowing a something like this would cause someone to struggle and can be the difference between failure and success of a business idea. We also learned that it's not always about the business idea, but rather the successful execution of it. This makes sense because businesses could be so versatile. When we have a business up and running we can then branch out to many markets, offer new products, and often even services. We can incorporate existing markets like mobile apps, and virtual reality. John Dimmer was a really enlightening guest because it was a very hopeful hearing about the opportunities for business, investors, and long and short term profits.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blog #7 How to Protect IP?

We went over 4 ways in class on how to protect IP, these were all power ways to protect intellectual property and have been used time and again by the biggest companies. I thought about what kind of protection a similar company product to mine uses in preparation for this blog post. This was simply creating and trademarking software as most software companies do.

Of course I'll have to keep the software secret without open sourcing it before I am ready to do any kind of patents. This is because of the finances required to start a business. Once I get things running the most important things is to start filing as soon as I possibly can. Another things to do would be to write out to an audit to see all the unregistered trademarks and copy rights. 

It's also important to save money so there needs to be research done on my side of already existing patents. This is done through googles patent archives. 

Since this is a creative type of project I would need to file toawrds that, this means my product has a software side, but also works off existing api's and physical projectors. On issues would be lawsuits from these projector companies. This wouldn't be too much of a problem however because projectors are freely made everywhere with many companies using the guides and engineers to make their own projectors as well as base it off generic ones. This would mean that I would have minimal issues building software on it, and then filing a patent for it if it work. One similar company would be google or amazon, who use HDMI cables to plug their own software with compatible TV's. Thus their software is enclosed an protected while being able to still use 3rd party devices. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blog #5 How much will my Business cost & charge?

I've thought about this a lot and I found that I can actually make my idea better by needing less money. This will make me less dependent on need to have my own projector and needing my own software. If I focus on the software I can build of an already existing and successful market, similar to how API's are used to build great projects and applications.

First off my idea is software that will help artists project, analyze color, shape, shading, and trace on compatible projector. This means that I will not have to spend any money on hardware making projectors or wasting time. By focusing on software I can not only work on it myself for free, I can also use my budget to get developers and help.

This gave me confidence in my project and after drafting out the cost it feels truly possible. For the actual business to get ready and the software. The first thing I will need to do is buy a projector, and a few different ones that are adaptable to software they are build on. The projector will cost around 100$. The idea is similar to how the android fire stick and chromecast work, except this is with projectors. Another thing I will need is a few thumb drives, or ones that pass through an hdmi cord. This is what will hold my software. I image this is around 50$ total.

The most expensive part will be the software and api's I would have to buy to make the software, along with a developer partner. Hiring someone who knows more than me or has an interest in building something similar can reduce the cost, but still it will cost a percentage of the company, or a base salary or 30-50 per hour for a month. Creating the software will end up taking around 500-5000$ for a month depending on how I hire.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Blog #4 Brain Forth

Brain Forth is the president of site crafting  and when he came to class he showed us how relationships and people play into business and how to manage a good work culture. He showed us how he grew is business and migrated between spokane and seattle offices.

One thing I found interesting about his presentation was that he had a lot of practical knowledge about business. He said he doesn't wear a suit, and this is representative of his values and philosophy, he does things his way and carries his own values for his business, and it works.

He seemed to stick to his guns (values) and it worked for him, but also explains that sometimes values can have negative. Brain Forth protects his workers and makes sure they are treated well, he builds a culture around these values. This creates loyalty and to Brain and other businesses loyalty is very important. It seems to be a two way street where the employees and bosses adhere to the values and they work to build a foundation of trust and hard work. I think having this is also important because it build respect and friendship, since you see people at work everyday it important that you like them, they get along, and all work great together.

This is also like we learned in class, where we need others because we have our own weaknesses, often we disagree, but need to work well together in the purist of good work. Having values, goals, and a culture keeps people working towards the same goal regardless how different they are. If people feel there work is valuable there can be a better flow of work. Good moral also is part of company culture because when things get difficult people need to believe you and/or believe in the values cause and why they are working. If employees feel their work is valuable and there's structure it seems to be better for everybody.